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California Construction Litigators Achieve Strong Results for Clients

San Diego attorneys assist with disputes, contracts and collections issues

Whether a property is commercial or residential, public or private, construction disputes can take a heavy toll on all of the involved parties. Even if you end up with the result you’ve sought, the cost and hassle associated with litigating one of these disagreements could leave you with a serious loss. At Metsch & Mason, LLP in San Diego, we have more than 50 years of experience handling Southern California construction litigation. Our accomplished lawyers represent businesses, contractors and property owners in a full array of legal matters pertaining to building and improvements. In cases arising from contract disputes, disagreements about performance, delay claims, payment issues and injury claims, we pursue the best possible resolution while keeping an eye on your bottom line.

Dedicated lawyers advise contractors, businesses and property owners

Construction litigation often involves multiple parties, detailed evidence regarding technical issues, and the high emotions that accompany substantial investments. We have the skill and background to analyze facts quickly and deliver comprehensive guidance on:

  • Contract performance actions — In cases involving allegedly negligent work, conflicts between contractors and subcontractors, faulty materials and other claims, our attorneys have secured noteworthy verdicts and settlements for plaintiffs and defendants.
  • Delay disputes — Variables exist in every construction project, and even a slight problem can lead to a significant delay. When this becomes a concern, we’ll examine the contract language and relevant facts to determine where the responsibility lies and how to get the project back on track.
  • Collections and construction liens — Our firm uses mechanic’s liens, assertive communication and other methods to secure payment that is owed on a construction project. If legal action is required, we’ll make sure that deadlines and requirements are met.

We’ve established a reputation over three decades for providing the type of representation you’d find at the largest law firms, but in a small office where you can trust us to give you individualized advice at an affordable rate. Even if you’re unsure whether you need legal assistance, we can evaluate your situation in a free initial consultation.

Accomplished firm represents clients in construction injury claims

After an injury, victims and potentially liable parties make great efforts to find any possible cause for the accident. Frequently, this leads to questions about building and repair work. Even if the direct cause is understood, the fault could lie with numerous individuals or businesses, such as architects, engineers, construction companies, manufacturers and material suppliers. As seasoned litigators, we can unearth the truth and press for a just resolution.

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Metsch & Mason, LLP represents clients in all types of California construction litigation matters, such as disputes over payment, delays, performance and injuries. Please call 619-230-0897 or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation at our office on North Harbor Drive in San Diego.

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